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My name is Bram Platel and I work as a senior researcher in the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My main hobby is photography for over ten years now. Apart from my hobby of taking pictures, I also suffer from GAS, Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I started with a Canon 350D, moved up to a 450D, a 5D, 5D mark II, 1Ds mark III and then bought a 5D mark III, the same happened with lenses, there was a time that my kit was filled with red ringed Canon lenses and weighed over 15kg. A few years ago I became an avid Leica shooter. I find the rangefinder system more fun to use, less obtrusive and much less heavy to carry around.

I enjoy taking portraits, travelling and since I have two amazing kids, I love taking pictures of them as well. I hope you enjoy this small overview of my work.

Warm regards,